VicTech Consulting & Construction


VicTech Consulting & Construction is privately owned company that specialises in Project Delivery.

VicTech is a dependable provider of services providing practical delivery methods to guarantee that project and design implementation meet budgets and time constraints. The Consultancy/Engineering division is backed by trade division that provides turnkey solutions to clients, eliminating the often contentious and costly boundaries during execution.

The Consultancy division manages & designs projects, from initiation to final execution and close out. The Trade division executes the project trades services.

The range of services that can be provided by the VicTech team are Project/Construction/Engineering/HSE Management, Capital Estimation, Risk Assessments, Engineering Design & Drafting, Hazardous Area Expertise, Electrical & Instrumentation Service, Structural Fabrication & assembly Services, Welding and Piping Services & Civil Trade Services.



Who We Work With

Corporate & Social Responsibility

At Victech, we have implemented and maintained a commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen and positive contributor to our community since day one. We strive to positively impact the people we work with, the people we work for, and the communities we live in. We live these values continuously through our policies and our actions.
Since our inception have supported and worked with many charities and local sporting clubs to help them achieve their goals.

VicTech is currently working with the following groups:

  • Geelong Violence Against Women
  • Aboriginal Violence Against Women
  • LifeLine
  • Rivers Gift, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  • Modewarre Football & Netball Club
  • Torquay Nippers Surf Living Saving Club
  • Torquay Bowls Club
  • Firm Foundations Jiu Jistu Club
  • Timboon Hospital
  • Eastern Park Bowls Club - Major Gold Sponsor
  • Heart Research Australia
  • The Variety Children's Charity 4WD Adventure

One Special Partnership ‐ Deakin University

One passion that the people at VicTech have is ensuring that young graduates have a healthy place of work. VicTech proudly support and partner Deakin University to help place under and post graduates in suitable learning environments.


VicTech are a group of people that believe that the current world environment requires everyone to do their share to ensure a sustainable future for the generations to come. The capitalistic method of competing at all cost to grow is short sighted. VicTech believe for the world to be a better place politicians, corporations, businesses and people need to work together and share the success to enable everyone access to a better life.

VicTech believe that the below areas are a starting point in this journey to provide a better place of work for everyone, which will hopefully transfer itself into other areas of the community.

The VicTech business philosophy is built around the following core values.

  • Open Communication;
  • Safety First;
  • Integrity;
  • Alignment of expectations for all aspects of business & relationships;
  • Transparency;
  • Ownership and accountability;
  • Team culture;
  • Individual growth; and
  • Community & social responsibility.